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Nutritional Consultation for ailments & Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered why weight and cravings seem to be connected? For many people struggling with weight issues, the answer to this question can be complex and multifaceted. It's not just about what you eat or how much you exercise, but also about your emotions, digestion, and cravings.

Many people who come to we for diet advice often say that they eat healthy, but still struggle with weight gain. As a practitioner, I understand that it's important to look beyond what people say and investigate the root causes of their health issues.

Before I begin treating a patient, I always conduct a full body blood and urine test. This helps me to understand the underlying factors that may be contributing to their health problems.

In my experience, I have heard common phrases such as "I am not stressed and I don't eat sugar, but still, I have diabetes because everyone in my family has it," or "I sleep well, but I am still constipated." Patients often tell me that they drink a lot of water and believe that the normal color of their urine is yellow, or that they don't eat anything oily and maintain a strict diet, yet their LDL cholesterol levels remain high.

While my patients are knowledgeable about food and nutrition, they often struggle to make progress on their own. They've already tried various weight loss companies and have multiple calorie-tracking apps on their phones.

It's important to recognize that weight loss is not just about counting calories or restricting certain foods. Emotional eating, cravings, and digestive issues can all play a significant role in our ability to maintain a healthy weight. By addressing the underlying causes of these issues, we can achieve sustainable, long-term weight loss and overall health improvements.

The key to a healthy body is listening to your gut. No doctor can heal you if you don't know what you like to eat and what your comfort food is. When you try to control things and ignore your inner voice, you lose your mental peace, and food cravings begin.

In India, many women tend to ignore their inner voice and instead concentrate on achieving what other people are busy achieving in life. They struggle to accept their own body, beliefs, and dreams, and often don't speak out about what they truly feel because they feel societal pressure to be "good women."

This suppression of emotions, combined with low vitamin D3 levels, lack of sleep, constipation, and dehydration, often leads to weight gain. It's important to recognize that our food cravings are actually a source of healing, and should not be suppressed or ignored. Instead, we should listen to our body's natural cues and eat what we crave.

Eating what you crave instead of fighting against yourself or overeating is simple, beautiful, and easy. Visit us for a Consultation for more on this.