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   Hey Fitness is fun with Wolly!
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You will ask me why you should be a Wolly instructor? The answer is simple because you want to be fit, financially independent, get international certification and make others fit too in this journey. It's happening tomorrow both offline ( Bangalore, kalinagrahara) and online.

Wolly helps you bring

  • 1. Hormonal Harmony : Wolly helps in preventing hormonal imbalance and PCOS which is caused due to sedentary lifestyle and excessive junk food intake.
  • 2. Calorie Burner : Wolly is a high calorie burn workout.
  • For physical and mental fitness.
  • Good for core and pelvic floor muscles strengthening.
  • Increases chances of fertility.
  • Can be done as postnatal workout after 3 to 6 months.

🤔So what are you thinking enroll now for the course and start your career as a Wolly instructor. Enroll now 👍👍👍‼️

What is UNIQUE About WOLLY :

  • It focuses on women’s health and fitness.
  • Though it is a cardio based workout it also focuses on strengthening and increasing flexibility.
  • Popular songs are played during the workout so the clients connect with the beats and have a blast while working out.
  • People of any fitness level, and any age group can enroll themselves in the class as it is easy to follow.